Nobilis IB D274

Product description

Nobilis IB D274 is a live vaccine against Infectious Bronchitis serotype D207 (strain D274) in poultry.


Vaccination of future layers and breeding stock. Also as a primer for a booster vaccination with an inactivated IB vaccine containing the same serotype.


Nobilis IB D274 can be administered by spray, by ocular or nasal instillation or in the drinking water.


Boxes of vials each containing 1000 or 2500 doses

Vaccination program

Vaccination should take place at 8-14 weeks of age. At least two weeks should be allowed to elapse between successive vaccinations with live IB vaccines to avoid interference. If the D274 vaccination is to be followed by an inactivated IB vaccine the optimum booster effect will be obtained if the doses are administered at least 6 weeks apart. In no circumstances should the interval be less than four weeks.